• Introduced in the Fall of 2011, the Antigua FH3310LQ double French horn has now been upgraded with CNC machined tapered rotors, bearings, and valve casings. This change improves the valve action and ensures the FH3310 French Horn will have a long life.

    The FH3310LQ features a Kruspe style wrap, full mechanical linkage with ball joints, yellow brass mouthpipe with water key, medium throat yellow brass bell with soldered rim, yellow brass body tubing, nickel-silver slide tubes and ferrules, nickel-silver bracing and reversible change valve linkage to easily switch from F/Bb to Bb/F.

    Finished in durable clear lacquer, the FH3310LQ is packaged with a deluxe fabric covered case.

  • Professional Kruspe wrap design

    Yellow Brass Bell with a Soldered Bell Rim
    Produces richer tone with better vibration

    Bell Reinforcement Plate
    Gives stronger protection to the bell

    Second back tuning slide ring bar
    gives more flexibility when pulling out the tuning slides4 rotors
    Features a reversible change rotor which allows the user to set the horn to either Bb/F or F/Bb

    9pcs of tuning slide
    Key : F/Bb
    Bore Size : .468"
    Bell : 12.25"
    Bell Throat : Small
    Bell Material : Yellow brass, fixed
    Linkages : Mechanical
    Wrap : Kruspe
    Finish : Clear lacquer (LQ)
    Case : ABS or Nylon Case