• Loaded with features, the AS3220LQ is in a class all its own. A versatile performer, the AS3220LQ has elegant style, expressive tone, magical feel and solid construction. This is the instrument that can take you from your first lesson to the conservatory.

  • Adjustable thumb hook
    An adjustable thumb hook allows for comfortable hand position and precise action

    Power-forged keys
    Very durability

    Contoured palm keys
    Easily to control
    Series : Antigua
    Key : Eb
    Construction : Fully ribbed
    Auxiliary Keys : High F# key
    Thumb Hook : Adjustable (ABS)
    Neck Material : Yellow Brass
    Body Material : Yellow Brass
    Bell : Yellow Brass
    Pads & Resonators : PISONI pads & metal resonators
    Bell Decoration : Hand engraved
    Mouthpiece : 4C
    Finish : Clear lacquered body and keys*
    *Please see Finish Option.