• The CL3511 is quickly gathering praise from Band Directors, students and woodwind doublers. Durable and versatile, the CL3511 is build with a matte-finished hard rubber body. It has a "Bay-style" neck, nickel-plated keys, and range to low Eb. The CL3511 neck promotes proper embouchure and posture due to extensive acoustical refinements and ergonomic research, culminating in the perfect neck angles and dimensions. An easily adjustable floor peg with large knurled knob is also included with the CL3511. Make sure to audition the Antigua CL3511 Bb Bass Clarinet, you will be glad you did.

  • Matte finished body
    The matte finish gives the clarinet a much better appearance

    Straight tone holes with tapered undercut
    Straight tone holes with tapered undercut provides outstanding intonation and response
    Series : Antigua
    Key : Bb
    Bore : .937"/23.8mm
    Bell : 4 7/8"
    Body Construction : 1 piece hard rubber with matte finish
    Key Material : Nickel-plated nickel silver
    Key System : Boehm (French - 20 keys)
    Toneholes : undercut
    Pads : White leather
    Thumb-rest : Fixed
    Case : Wooden case