• The Antigua OB3410 Oboe is loaded with features, and provides great value. Features of the modified conservatory model OB3410 include: third octave key, left F key, forked F resonance key, low Bb resonance key, and low B to C# trill key, to name a few. The body is a unique combination of ABS resin infused with wood fibers to provide the tone of a wood instrument and the durability of ABS.

    A versatile performer, the OB3410 has elegant style, expressive tone, magical feel and solid construction. This is the instrument that can take you from your first lesson to the conservatory.

  • Blue steel needle springs
    Blue steel springs provide a more sensitive key response

    ABS resin body
    ABS resin body makes the instrument more lightweight and very durable

    Series : Antigua
    System : Conservatoire (semi-automatic octave system)
    Mechanical features : Left F key, Fork F resonance key, Low Bb resonance key
    Pads : Cork pads to low C#; White leather low B and Bb pads
    Body material : Combination of ABS resin infused with wood fibers
    Key material : Silver-plated keys